The Port of Santos Brazil handled 1.3m teu in 2021, up 20.6% year-on-year.

Santos Brazil’s operations were fuelled by higher cargo volumes and a more balanced cargo mix, emphasising imports of consumer goods, industrial inputs, automotive components, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, among other things.

Commodity exports also helped to accelerate container handling at Santos Brazil terminals. Logistics demand has increased, and volumes would have been even higher if not for global bottlenecks in sea and land transport, the port said.

Tecon Santos moved 1.14m teu, up 22.7% over 2021 and higher than the 10.0% increase seen at the Port of Santos. As a result, the company’s market share in the Santos port increased, reaching 39.8% (vs. 36% in 2020).

Tecon Vila do Conde volumes grew by 8% after handling 107,867 teu.

Consolidated net revenue for Santos Brazil in 2021 was $300m, a 65% increase over 2020 and a 58% increase over 2019. Santos Brazil net income was $53.5m in 2021, reversing a net loss of $2.72m in 2020.

Total investments made by Santos Brazil in the expansion and modernisation of its assets amounted to$47.22m in 2021.

The company anticipates that bottlenecks will dissipate and that volumes will grow albeit slowly in 2022.

Source: Seatrade Maritime News