ZIM is set to add a new Venezuela feeder service and upgrade two of its existing services in South America.

The new Venezuela feeder service will be named VEX, and upgrades will be made to Central America Express (LAF) and West Coast Central America (WCA) services.

VEX will run Manzanilo (PAMIT) – Cartagena (COCRT) – La Guaira (VELGA) – Kingston (JMKST) – Manzanilo (PAMIT).

LAF will run Cartagena (COCRT) – Manzanilo (PAMIT) – Moin (CROIU) – Puerto Cortes (HNPTZ) – Santo Tomas (GTSTC) – Cartagena (COCRT.

WCA will run Lazaro Cardenas (MXLCD) – Manzanilo (MXMZL) – Puerto Quetzal (GTJQZ) – Acajutla (SVACJ) – Corinto (NICOR) – San Lorenzo (HNSLO) – Puerto Quetzal (GTJQZ) – Lazaro Cardenas (MXLCD).

Eran Epstein, VP Latin America Business Unit stated: “We continue to expand our services and offer our customers more options for global trade and better connection between trade areas. As part of our vision, we aim to be agile in responding to market needs as they arise, providing solutions for our customers in the region and around the world.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime News