In response to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis in India ZIM says it will carry containers with medical grade oxygen to the country for a token sum.

ZIM said it would charge a token $1 container with medical grade oxygen – oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, portable oxygen generators and oxygen concentrators – to India. The containers will also be prioritised for delivery.

India has reported than 300,000 new cases a day for nearly two weeks straight while the death toll stand at 220,000, and hospitals are experiencing an acute shortage of oxygen.

Eli Glickman, ZIM President & CEO, said: “Zim is taking action in view of the critical importance of these shipments in improving the difficult situation in India.

“In this difficult time, I would like to send our best wishes for good health to all our employees in India and their loved ones. We recognize and appreciate your commitment and dedication in the face of extreme hardship.  Stay safe and stay strong. We earnestly hope to see better days soon.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime