Wilhelmsen is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Seven Seas to acquire 100 % of their shares in their subsidiary Stromme. When established in 1971, Stromme became the first specialised cargo hold cleaning company in the marine industry. Today the company is a leading global player with extensive specialised experience within their field, providing customers with high quality solutions and innovations for cargo hold cleaning, withstanding the roughest conditions at sea.

Wilhelmsen will acquire the company in Norway from parent Seven Seas including operations in Germany and Singapore, as Stromme will transfer all of its people, business and assets into Wilhelmsen Ships Service. Stromme will retain its brand and operate as a fully owned subsidiary of Ships Service. Combining Stromme’s strong knowledge, experience, and ways of working with Wilhelmsen’s global maritime network enables the combined companies to provide customers with an even better cargo hold cleaning offering going forward. Completion of the transaction is subject to predetermined conditions and is expected to happen in the third quarter of 2022.
Wilhelmsen will continue to invest and build on both it’s current and future cargo hold cleaning business, offering both existing and future customers even better solutions for their cargo holds.

“Stromme was the first specialised cargo hold cleaning company, and their leading position in the marketplace is a solid proof of what this team has built. We want to strengthen and broaden our offering to customers, making Stromme a really good match within cargo hold cleaning, so we are really looking forward to completing this transaction” says President Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Kjell André Engen.
“At Seven Seas we decided to divest Stromme as it was not core business and we chose Wilhelmsen Ships Service as the best possible owner for the business to continue its positive path. Seven Seas thank all Stromme employees and wishes them and all stakeholders the very best going forward”, says CEO and Chairman Seven Seas, Søren Nørgård.

“Stromme has been focusing on cargo hold cleaning only, we have a good concept and have decided to stick to it. Coming from a small and agile organisation, we have had the opportunity to take fast decisions and to rapidly change to key customers’ requirements and put focus where needed. It has resulted in steady and nice growth in revenue and results over the previous years. I see benefits of being a part of WSS with expertise, knowledge, and experience within our segment. The opportunity of utilising the strengths of both organisations will benefit our customers and partners. We will continue to have a strong customer focus and high service level, it’s a people industry after all”, says Stromme General Manager, Ane Fosseng.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News