Weathernews Inc (WNI) has joined forces with Vessel Performance Solutions (VPS) to integrate critical performance data from ship systems with its leading weather routing system to further optimise voyage planning.

The VESPER software platform by VPS records continuous performance data from the hull and propellers, main and auxiliary engines and boilers to determine speed, RPM and fuel consumption estimates that can be accessed seamlessly within WNI’s Optimum Ship Routing (OSR) service.

“This raises the value proposition of the OSR system for ship operators as it widens significantly the range of data available to make well-informed routing decisions in support of lower costs, reduced emissions and improved safety,” said Henrik Faurschou, Global Product and Market Strategy Leader at WNI.

Accurate modelling
Tokyo-based WNI’s advanced weather forecasting solution harnesses the power of AI technology, supported by human intelligence and logistics, to provide highly accurate forecasts for avoidance of bad weather that can disrupt voyage schedules and is installed on around 10,000 vessels worldwide.

Faurschou said the alliance with VPS is in response to a market expectation for more integrated and comprehensive systems with a high level of predictive functionality.

High-profile shipping companies Golden Ocean, G2Ocean, Lauritzen Bulkers and Ultrabulk already use the services of both WNI and VPS, and therefore will be able to instantly take advantage of the integrated solution.

VPS co-founder, naval architect, Ph.D. Jakob Buus Petersen said: “The joint solution combines the two competencies of vessel performance analytics and weather routing to create a powerful service by using accurate and sophisticated ship models for speed, fuel and load in the voyage optimization simulation.”

WNI’s advanced weather forecasting solutions harness the power of AI supported by human intelligence and logic.

VESPER uses well-established mathematical ship models and calibrates these models against operational data to give precise predictions of speed, fuel and RPM as a function of speed, draught, wind and wave conditions.

In practice, this will significantly improve the accuracy of voyage cost estimation and calculation of ETAs in voyage planning for OSR users, according to Petersen.

Decarbonisation effort
At the same time, it will provide access to OSR weather data for around 1000 ships presently using the web-based VESPER service, which also includes advanced data validation, a crew feedback module, advanced diagnostics, charter party and voyage monitoring, as well as environmental compliance reports support like EU MRV, IMO DCS and CII support.

Faurschou said: “Predictability is key for ship operators and integrating weather forecasting with real-time data on equipment performance makes OSR an even smarter tool to minimise voyage cost.

“This collaboration with VPS underpins our common strategy to expand the application of digitalisation in pursuit of decarbonisation of the shipping industry.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News