Walk, jog, cycle or run in the month of November to raise funds for the Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MtSS) and recognise our Heroes at Sea.

The virtual event calls on individuals, families and corporate groups to walk, jog, cycle or swim 10km in the month of November to raise funds that will go 50% to MtSS, 20% to the Singapore Nautical Institute, and 20% to the World Maritime Heritage Society. The remaining 10% will be used to fund organising the event.

As virtual event it can be completed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

“The month-long virtual race serves primarily as a tribute and reminder to our heroes at sea (seafarers) that their commitment and efforts are appreciated and not forgotten. With signing off getting more difficult, their morale could do with some boosting,” the organisers said.

Individual participation is priced at SGD20, and family at SGD80, while various levels of corporate participation and sponsorship are available for groups of up to 20.

Source: Seatrade Maritime