The purpose of the new educational programs jointly organized by VANOS S.A. and TÜV HELLAS is to inform the participants of current issues of extreme importance, concerning the safety and health of the employees.

These programs, which take into account the new data created by the coronavirus pandemic, are aimed at executives who design and implement Occupational Health and Safety policies. In addition, the seminars are addressed to every freelancer or employee who considers Health and Safety an opportunity for sustainable development and not just a regulatory obligation.

The first series of programs has already been announced, launching a new and dynamic cooperation, while other joint actions and initiatives of the two companies will follow.

The first programs offered in the framework of this cooperation are the following:
• Personal Protection Means in Health Areas – New Era, New Challenges and Opportunities
• New challenges for workers’ health and safety in the post-Covid era
• Personal Protection Means for a changing workforce
• Welding: Protection and Productivity
• Access – work – rescue in / from a limited space
• The importance of confirming implementation in PPM
• Access and “work at height”: Selection, use and inspection of equipment
• Effective training of employees in health – safety issues
• Public health, industrial hygiene, health and safety at work

Source: Hellenic Shipping