Starting from our home to the community we live in, we walk great values in life, which define us, teach us and assist us to live a life full of contentment and satisfaction. These values determine the parameters for our actions and decisions in tough times, and not only do they improve our confidence and self-esteem but also help us reach our goal in a dignified manner. One of the core values that has been taught to us since childhood by our religion, society, and even our parents is Unity!

It has been taught to us that Unity is strength and if we stay united, we will stand tall but as soon as the unity between us starts to falter, we tend to lose our ground. It has been told that a united family or a united society or a united nation is always a powerful one and to justify the same, we were acquainted with history. In every part of the globe, history signified the importance of staying together. Although we come from different cultures, civilizations and practice different religions and traditions, we are brought together in one world. In a world where even if our tendency to think, feel and react differs, we walk shoulder-to-shoulder on the same ground below with the sky above. We, humans, design principles and beliefs to live by, and these beliefs act as a root to evaluate our behavior towards others. The ethics and etiquettes we pursue, eventually establish a ground for us as human beings. But do we really follow the principles that have been taught to us?

Well, this is the question that has been popping up in my mind, and sometimes it does make me wonder viewing the world I live in that ‘what if every person on this planet had the willingness to accommodate’. What if we consider humanity as our top priority? And is that so difficult? We are born equally and we die equally, no matter how much we strived or gained or what we believed in, we are always remembered for our deeds and the things that we leave behind and we can only achieve a feat as such if we stay united. Our empathy towards others despite all the variedness makes us strong as a society and a nation and all that I have ever wished for is a world without hatred and animosity!

Happy 75th Independence Day!

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham