Trident BMC, a provider of turnkey solutions for the maritime industry, recently unveiled a shore power solution tailored for the needs of container ships and ro/pax vessels.

“We have worked closely with one of our key customers, listening carefully to their needs and requirements for shore power. Together we have worked out a flexible solution that is easy to adapt on existing ships. Last month, our product successfully passed all tests, and it is ready for installation onboard,” said Magnus Hansson, Director of Energy Management Technology and Marine Conversions at Trident BMC.

Trident BMC has had success in implementing shore power solutions aboard ro/pax vessels for several leading operators, including DFDS and Gotlandsbolage. Its C-AMP 7500D containerized solution provides exceptional performance for these applications. The C-AMP 7500D is rated for power up to 7500kVA / 6.6kV, and it is equipped with two cable reels that allow it to be moved and used on both the port and starboard sides. The C-AMP 7500D can be easily transferred and connected to other ships, depending on routes and the technologies available in ports of call.

The C-AMP 7500D is fitted with twin cable reels that allow it to be moved and used on both the port and starboard sides

This new system fills an immediate market need. Shore power is an achievable step on the road to zero-carbon shipping, and it also reduces health-hazardous emissions like SOx, NOx and particulate matter (PM) while ships are in port. As a practical retrofit option for the existing fleet, shore power is drawing increasing interest from regulators and shipowners alike.

“We are excited to add a new product that allows shipowners to meet environmental regulations and improve the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) of their existing vessels,” said Mikael Thor, Trident BMC’s Commercial Director.

Trident BMC formed in 2021 with the merger of Baltec Marine and Callenberg Technologies, and it is well known to customers for its turnkey environmental solutions. Trident designs and installs proven systems for reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions, as well as exhaust gas cleaning systems and ballast water management systems. All solutions offered by Trident BMC are tailor-made and include design, engineering, class approval, installation, and commissioning. The company’s team has hundreds of successfully completed integrations in its reference portfolio.

“Our company is often described by our customers as a ‘shipyard without the yard,’” said Piotr Zabrocki, Sales Manager at Trident BMC. “We have the unique ability to perform most of our projects during the ship’s operation, with little to no downtime for the vessel. It’s very important for the shipowner, especially when charter rates are so high. For shore power projects, much of the adaptation of the vessel can be done during ship operation, with limited impact on the itinerary of the vessel.”

Source: The Maritime Executive