Torvald Klaveness, founding signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter initiative, today joins some of the world’s leading industrial companies and shipowners in delivering on our commitment to measure and publicly disclose emissions data from our shipping activities in 2021. The results demonstrate that we still have work cut out for us, both as a company in reducing emissions, and as an industry, in improving how we measure climate alignment.

The Sea Cargo Charter Annual Disclosure Report 2022 reveals the climate alignment scores of 25 industry players and provides insight into the maritime industry’s current state of progress towards IMO’s goal of reducing shipping emissions by at least 50% by 2050.

The annual activity climate alignment score for Klaveness Chartering comes in at 15.8% above the trajectory for bulk carriers. Klaveness Chartering operates in the dry bulk market with long- or short-term time-chartered tonnage. While a stronger alignment with the trajectory would have been preferable, the result is not surprising and reflects the challenge of decarbonizing shipping. Torvald Klaveness congratulates all the signatories to SCC in leading the way in disclosing the climate alignment of shipping and remains committed to evolve the disclosure initiative.

Michael Jørgensen, SVP and Head of Klaveness Dry Bulk, comments: With this first reporting round, Klaveness Chartering, SCC, and the shipping industry have embarked on a vital journey of improvement with decarbonization. We will now set specific targets for each of our trading areas to improve alignment. We will also contribute to further refining the calculation methods for the Alignment Score to ensure that these are commonly in line with industry perception of trades and derived in a logical fashion resulting in commercial traders and operational executives alike finding clear goals and actions that can improve emissions already in the coming period.

In recognition of the fact that shipping emissions can only be reduced in close collaboration between the many stakeholders in the maritime value chain, Torvald Klaveness continues its tradition of close collaboration with customers as the company pursues the ambition to make seaborne supply chains resilient, decarbonized, and cost-effective.

Morten Skedsmo, SVP and Head of ZeroLab, comments: We are working with several industrial cargo owners to enable better insight into their CO2-emissions and over time help them integrate climate considerations into chartering decisions. We share the SCC’s belief that there is a positive feedback loop between transparency and action.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News