Success is a staircase, but in order to climb it, one must master to utilize the time wisely. Time being the only thing that is limitless, we waste it in waiting for the right opportunity to strike. But we often forget that opportunities are to be created. The past is gone and present is what you live in, but tomorrow is unforeseeable. Every individuals’ perspective differ from situation to situation depending upon their mind-frame. While being stuck in a particular circumstance, we become indecisive and as a consequence we miss out on the opportunities, which were already there in front of us.

To be fulfilled, one needs to understand that there is always a price to pay. Nothing comes free, in order to attain peace, one has to meditate; in order to get fondness, one needs to express; and likewise, with a purpose to grow, one needs to strive to reach his/her full potential. Your talent defines you, and for others to see it, you must accept your inner being. Merely ascertaining your talent, will take you a step ahead but how you work through will earn you a recognition. Short cut will merely reveal your disposition but working through without deluding others will provide acknowledgement to your work and fetch results.

What has to be, will stay but we are never sure about what will remain; no one knows but keeping that aside, we must persist in discovering. In life, a fresh mind yields effective decisions than a tired mind. With a view to work effectively and productively, one must have a fresh mind. As it constructs positive thoughts and ideas on recurring basis while a tired mind will stop yielding any results further. Working continuously will exhaust you but finding a comfort while you work, will keep you going.

There is a time to grind and there is a time to feel free. One must balance both with an aim to achieve satisfaction in work and comfort in life. Approaches differ with an intentions and intention of a person purely depends upon his/ her mindset. Everybody strives to reach the peak, but only few can experience the pleasure of helm. A positive approach with a good intention will get you on foot, while a negative one will just give a short pleasure. In time, one always receives what he/she sowed.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham