Terradepth, a startup developing end-to-end ocean data systems, is expanding its survey operations capabilities by purchasing three autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) from Teledyne Marine, a part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.

The U.S. Teledyne Marine revealed that Terradepth had ordered three Gavia AUVs to support the rollout of its Ocean Data as a Service and Absolute Ocean data platform.

According to Teledyne, the three Gavin AUVs are each equipped with an Edgetech 2205 600/1600 kHz Module that retrieves both Side Scan Sonar and Bathymetric Sonar data.

The vehicles come with RDI DVL-aided IXBlue PHINS C3 Inertial Navigation Systems for accurate navigation, and field-replaceable battery modules from Teledyne Energy Systems for longer endurance.

The AUVs also include Teledyne T20 Multi-beam Sonar and Sub-bottom profilers and are delivered with a Science Bay Module in anticipation of installing scientific sensors based on operational need.

These features are said to be suitable to meet the growing demand for Terradepth’s survey services in shallow and medium depths.

Additionally, Teledyne is boosting Terradepth’s services with the introduction of Absolute Ocean, a cloud-backed, browser-based, geospatial data platform, that enables storage, search, visualization and analysis of ocean data, whether collected by Terradepth or a third party.

Commenting on the order, Joe Wolfel, co-CEO at Terradepth, said: “These moves bring Terradepth closer to its goal of creating a comprehensive and highly accurate virtual ocean model. Our vision is to allow humans to make better, faster decisions with respect to the underwater sector at large. This will help predict atmospheric weather patterns, build underwater energy and telecom infrastructures, and protect and ensure our coastal communities’ future.”

“Terradepth’s application is a perfect fit with our purpose of enabling humanity to understand the marine environment like never before to explore, preserve, and protect the world”, stated Brian Maguire, Marine COO and Vehicles Business Unit general manager.

In 2021, Teledyne Marine received two SeaRaptor 6000 AUVs orders from the Norwegian marine survey contractor Argeo to be deployed for deep-sea surveys in the marine industries, including installations and infrastructure, offshore wind, oil & gas and deep-sea minerals.

Source: Offshore Energy