Every person on this planet goes through something or the other, an episode in life where every individual comes across disappointments and dissatisfaction, a chapter that seems unending and difficult to survive, a feeling that keeps them drowning deeper and deeper. At that very moment, some people confront their problems by accepting them and moving forward while others circumvent the real issues! We all are the same yet unique in our own ways. Though we live in the same world, we think, feel, understand, and react differently! In general, we all live different realities- some people are engaged in perpetual work, some have chaotic relationships, some have a complex life, some live a life that consists only of school and studies, and while the list goes on, we all get exhausted at some point.

Sometimes, the reality is a very cold and scary place to live in! So, in these moments we try to find an escape from our situations or emotions; we require solace and comfort from our daily routine. We may deny it and pressurize ourselves into work but we all need is momentary satisfaction and relief; we want something that takes our mind off from our mundane life, something that holds our life together, something that would give meaning to our futile life!

As every human desires different things in life, their attempt of escaping their realities also differs. For instance, some of us might enjoy going for a vacation, some like trying recreational activities, some would like going to parties, some might take up new hobbies, etc. But still, why do we avoid taking a break and opting for the things we relish? Well, it is quite simple, we overthink everything, our brain works in mysterious ways, and sometimes we assume that disconnecting is useless as, at the end of the day, we have to return to work, or meet our deadline, or go back to school, but we often forget that life is to be enjoyed not endured!

It is okay to pause. Our minds have limitations, and amidst all the stress and chaos, it is significant to take a break and re-calibrate our lives. It is always better to collect oneself rather than breaking down! We are humans and we are bound to get tired and lose hope, and it is okay, it is natural, but fearing or pushing oneself to the edge, can only lead to a fall. Everything eventually falls in place, all we need to do is take a minute to breathe!

“For all those of us who live in a sunny and hot desert, a cloudy day is sometimes all we need to clear our minds.” – Rodolfo Peon

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham