When a predator begins its furious spring for grabbing prey, each animal in the herd races, and who gets hunted? The one who struggles behind? No, but the one who has been already targeted by the predator. The race here is not for the victory but for the survival and this is how the wildlife cycle illustrates survival in the best and simplest way possible. Does survival also imply to human life? I believe, for humans, Survival is a constant whereas the race to get our needs fulfilled remains dynamic. Yes, we do not hustle to be alive, we rather hustle to live the way we want.

When introduced to the world of reality, we all run for survival, without having any destination in mind. In this race of survival there comes a point where we witness some people compromising, some collapsing, some quitting, and some who continue running. You may wonder who wins the race? I would say the one who keeps on running, but with an objective. This is because, when we move with the pace we do not just survive, we try to transcend and transform every day and with every passing moment. We survive, but our decisions determine our survival standards.
Survival doesn’t direct the purpose of life but it is the base and truth of our lives. No matter what we do, where we reach, and what we become-survival is the only driving force. We attach aims and goals to our life for the sake of survival and call them the purpose of our living.

Clearly not a smooth sail, Life is a combination of highs and lows, peace and troubles. We survive everything that comes on our path of existence and what we attain after surviving is the art of living. This art enlightens us with an insight that every day is a new beginning bringing in its own joy, challenges, and opportunities. All we got to do is welcome each one of them. Chose what we want but not let anything deviate us from our focus.
A phrase from a theory reads, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ which means that survival is for the ones who are adaptable. When it comes to humans, I believe, the one who is the strongest, vigorous and persistent in his/her objective can survive. This of course depends on how we shape our thoughts, broaden our horizons and focus on our purpose. I feel when we set out targets right, we become the potential to chase them efficiently. It is when we become the predators choosing our prey and chasing it.
Not everyone succeeds, but the one who does takes the win.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham