We hear a lot of success stories and at times even get to meet the creators of some. But getting addressed as successful is a different experience, I have been fortunate to witness off lately. Sometimes, my mind gets occupied with a question as to ‘what defines success? This doesn’t mean I never thought about Success, it is just that I have always envisioned attaining my goals rather focussing on being successful.  

It is quite obvious for each one of us to envisage and measure success in different ways. A small accomplishment for one may appear as a huge milestone for the other. As I have progressed in life, I have always seen success as moving from one goal to the other. Achievement is when things go as we thought them to be. However, it is important to recognise that our aims are reachable and realistic this is because chasing unrealistic goals attract failures. Success is the radiance of positivity within ourselves which can be sensed by others. In all the ventures I pursue, I always ask myself a question, “what will the success of this venture look like?” I do a lot of visualization because it is imperative! And eventually when the output is in line with what is visualized, Success is achieved. This doesn’t imply only to our professional space but in all walks of life.

Many a times, Success is assumed and seen as an individual goal towards which a person directs all the efforts. But the titles or achievement of one goal doesn’t define success, for it is a journey not a destination. Pursuing success is like reaching targets wherein attainment of one target is followed by the other multiple targets popping up on your way but leading in different directions. Selection of the direction here is very essential as choosing the right path at the right time determines fortune and victory. Worthy of note, accomplishment doesn’t occur to us just by choosing the right path, the way ahead should never be assumed as a cake walk because it is not so. Even if we take the correct path, we have to welcome difficult decisions, challenges, disappointments, betrayals from the close ones and eventually chose what we want. There are many tests to take and there are many storms to endure in order to taste accomplishments.

Yet the ones who are successful are too engrossed to calculate and review their achievements as the quote by Deborah Hopkins goes,

“Success is not having to describe what’s been accomplished….others do it for you”

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham