StormGeo, a leading provider of weather intelligence and decision-support solutions for the shipping industry and part of Alfa Laval, announced today the launch of a new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Simulator. The new tool simulates vessel carbon intensity by presenting a complete view of the CII rating and its commercial impact, helping shipowners and operators efficiently decarbonize their operations, remain compliant, and stay competitive.

Created using feedback from clients and shipowner associations, the CII Simulator, a first to market solution, delivers a flexible, powerful, and actionable tool to collaborate on operational deployment and achieve desirable CII ratings by:
• Assessing environmental performance and efficiently computing compliance status of vessels.
• Providing decision support to meet environmental goals and commercial obligations.
• Comparing vessel trading patterns in relation to carbon intensity limits.
• Confidently estimating the impact of operational measures on CII performance.
• Providing a reliable CII through validated and secure data management from ship to shore.

By leveraging digital technology to simulate vessel carbon intensity, shipowners and operators can better manage their environmental performance and develop a competitive advantage in the market.

“Shipping companies are dealing with a high degree of uncertainty in commercial operations due to the upcoming implementation of the CII rating scheme,” says Kim Sørensen, COO of Shipping at StormGeo. “We are proud to say that StormGeo’s unique CII Simulator helps shipowners and operators proactively mitigate the risk of being commercially uncompetitive while navigating the path towards a sustainable future for shipping.”

StormGeo’s CII Simulator to be Adopted by Norwegian Pool Operator
StormGeo clients have already adopted the new CII Simulator. The leading Norwegian pool operator Hansa Tankers, for example, plans to roll out StormGeo’s CII simulator to assess and improve the environmental performance of its fleet.

“StormGeo’s powerful and actionable CII Simulator provides us with a valuable tool that enables a better understanding of the commercial impact of the CII. Their out-of-the-box tool makes it easy to measure the CO2 impact of both pre-fixture and post-fixture emissions results and allows us to readily calculate the final CII based on validated data per voyage and year, including projections for future compliance,” says Torfin Eide, COO at Hansa Tankers.

“We acknowledge that the sooner we are able to integrate CII simulation into our daily operations and trading considerations, the better we will be positioned to manage the commercial impact of each vessel’s CII performance in our pool. Hence, StormGeo’s newly developed CII Simulator provides us with a useful tool that will greatly assist us both in keeping abreast and optimizing the use of our fleet, taking into account the impact of this regulation on our day-to-day trading decisions on behalf of the owners that we serve in our pool,” Eide concludes.

StormGeo’s CII Simulator: End-of-Year CII predictions

Designed for Usability and Improved Decision-Support
Understanding that it is difficult for shipowners and operators to stay up to date on the new regulatory scheme, StormGeo’s CII Simulator is designed to make it easy to improve environmental numbers and reach decarbonization targets.

“The CII Simulator equips shipowners and operators with a smart decision tool that is easy and intuitive to use,” says Dr. Thilo Dückert, VP of Fleet Performance Management at StormGeo. “It takes complicated tasks and distills them into actionable data to proactively manage the commercial performance of vessels and systematically mitigate the impact of commercial uncertainties.”

Unlike other CII products in the market, StormGeo’s CII Simulator not only monitors the compliance status over the course of a year but also computes any deterioration to forecast next year’s CII ratings. If the simulation identifies any deterioration, shipowners can easily trigger decision-making processes regarding vessel retrofits or major vessel conversions if operational measures are insufficient.

The CII Simulator also ensures complete transparency by only using reliable and trustworthy data when helping shipowners and operators reach their decarbonization targets. Strict validation checks set high standards for data quality regarding data verification through StormGeo’s advanced reporting systems.

The CII Simulator is available as part of the Environmental Performance Module in StormGeo’s s-Insight, a world-leading fleet performance management solution that ensures vessel compliance and provides simple, trustworthy data reporting systems. The Environmental Performance Module solutions and StormGeo fleet performance experts monitor the environmental impact on emissions, improve environmental performance, and keep the fleet compliant with EU/UK MRV, IMO DCS, and CII regulations and the Sea Cargo Charter initiative.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News