The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) and the National Technical University of Athens have signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at future partnerships in the fields of maritime and marine research, technological development and innovation.
The bilateral cooperation will be implemented through the exchange of information, data, knowledge and good practices, as well as through joint participation in research schemes and programs. It is worth noting that the research collaboration has already begun and, in addition, that from this year CMMI is hosting NTUA students for their internship.

Mr. Zacharias Siokouros, CEO of CMMI, expressed his enthusiasm for the development that will encourage the substantial and multifaceted cooperation between the two organizations, emphasizing that the Institute recognizes the important challenges between the industry and society in relation to the twin transition, decarbonisation and digital transformation, as well as their strong relevance to Sustainable Blue Economy and Growth, Ocean Literacy and the development of specific human resource skills.

Mr. Andreas Vyras, Mayor of Larnaca and Chairman of the Board of the Institute, noted that the Memorandum is the basis for the establishment of a strong relationship between the two organisations and described the initiative as important in the strategic context of Larnaca to develop into a European Center for Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation. He added that it is an honor for CMMI to have an institutional connection with the NTUA and stressed that the Municipality of Larnaca will support the Institute in its efforts to network with internationally recognised and important academic and research bodies.

Professor Elias Yfantis, CMMI’s Acting Director of Academic Affairs, referred to the extensive academic, teaching, research and administrative work of Professor Andreas Boudouvis and his international recognition. He also referred to the current research collaborations of the Institute with the NTUA and especially to its graduates who work at the Institute, contributing to the production of intellectual capital and the consolidation of CMMI as a component of the international research community.

Professor Andreas Boudouvis, Rector of the NTUA, referred to the auspicious prospects for cooperation and mutually beneficial activities, recognising the dynamism that characterises the Institute. In his speech he presented the NTUA, a short historical review and the contribution of the University to academic research and education. Prof Boudouvis referred with special emphasis to the international recognition, the recent research and innovative achievements, as well as the undertaking of initiatives for the consolidation of the extroversion, the preservation and further strengthening of the leading role of the NTUA as a historical academic institution.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News