Siglar Carbon and Vortexa are launching a partnership to increase the impact of ship emissions insight in commercial shipping decisions. Providing actionable emissions insight to decision-makers will promote carbon efficient decisions and drive industry decarbonisation.
International shipping emits more than 1 000 million tonnes of CO2e per year, a number that is projected to rise. If the sector were a country, it would rank sixth in the world in terms of emissions.

Global climate goals and a growing number of industry net zero commitments have increased the industry’s efforts to reduce emissions, and the attention is slowly moving from long term measures like developing ship technical solutions and alternative fuels towards short term actions that can be made in the commercial space.

Tankers represent approximately ¼ of the industry’s emissions, and large tankers can emit several thousand tonnes of CO2 on a single global voyage. It is therefore vital to make carbon efficient commercial decisions in this segment.

Today Vortexa provides leading analytics for the energy and shipping market. Adding Siglar Carbon’s emissions analytics to the Vortexa analytics app provides charterers, shipowners and brokers in the tanker market with the information needed to make carbon efficient decisions.

Sigmund Kyvik, Siglar Carbon’s CEO underlines how the new partnership will enable shipping decarbonisation: “This partnership allows new decision-makers in commercial shipping to access our best in business emissions insight. By giving more people access to the same comparable data, we promote a common carbon language that can enable carbon efficient decisions and substantially reduce emissions.

The CEO of Vortexa, Fabio Kuhn emphasises that their users now get a new competitive advantage: “Our partnership with Siglar enables energy and freight market participants to start factoring carbon efficiency alongside Vortexa’s real time analytics for physical trading decisions, driving a real impact on our industry’s carbon footprint.

Adding emissions ratings to the Vortexa analytics app is a first step, and both partners believe that new actions to further develop commercial decarbonisation opportunities will grow out of the new partnership.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News