Selfishness is termed as an inert behavior which exhibits the lack of consideration for other people’s feeling or perception. According to the definition, a selfish person is the one who keeps himself at a priority and is only concerned with himself. He tries to seek those activities that fulfill his own desires and wants. But is it wrong to wish for a better life? Or is it wrong to look out for oneself?

We all are selfish in one way or the other, we prioritize our happiness and joy over others. It would be an absolute lie if we say that we weigh others sentiments over ours. But if being selfish means self-care or self-love, then what is wrong in being selfish? And especially when we strive daily to balance our lives in a very unbalanced world, don’t we have the right to choose the best for us? Furthermore, the entire world is jammed by people with motives. The perception plays a significant role in determining one’s pleasure. One can find solace in giving back to the society whereas others may find the same pleasure in achieving milestones. Whether it be material or immaterial, we search for those things that ultimately bring us a sense of ease and comfort. So, when we do what we like by putting ourselves first, then why is being selfish  widely criticized?

Selfishness is omnipresent, we might not see it to believe it, but it does exist. The problem arises when we are inconsiderate to those around us while satisfying our needs and wants. Life is all about choices we make, establishing oneself at the expense of others will never bring you eternal peace or happiness. A deed, no matter how small or no matter what purpose it serves, is eventually a deed. In an attempt to accomplish or please ourselves, we go a long way and in a due process, we deliberately hurt others without thinking of the dire consequences. This type of feeling where one incorporates greed and negative emotions such as envy, anger, arrogance can lead to disruption of peace and order within. It is as similar as asking others to live as one wishes them to live.

Selfishness and motive go hand-in-hand, an act is incomplete without a motive, whether it be good or bad, our motives are easily determined by our actions. It is nowhere written that one can only be selfish by harming others. Being arrogant and constantly thinking of oneself might provide a short-term pleasure but in the long run it will lead to loneliness and despair. Eventually, one’s conscience computes the honesty of their selfishness.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham