The SeaAndJob Magazine launched in May 2007, is the second venture of Sea Line Group succeeding the Shipping Job Portal. Bringing the much renowned essence to the company, the SeaAndJob Magazine quickly gained popularity as India’s No. 1 Shipping Magazine which began from a 24-page newsletter in 2007, now to an acclaimed 68-72 pages magazine.


  • Know Your Recruiter (KYR): It is an initiative undertaken to bridge the gap between both the parties i.e. employer and employee, to maintain the transparency.
  • Guest Column: A column where industry experts send their articles related to the fraternity to be published in our magazine under their names.
  • News Section: Shipping News and Current affairs updates from all over the world to keep the onboard seafarers well informed.
  • Editorial: A fruitful read, penned down by SeaJob founder himself, is certain to inspire the philosopher within you.
  • Marine Insights: A column specifically designed for the shipping industry, provides information related to rules and regulations, overview about ships etc.
  • HealthZone: In order to keep our readers well informed about the health-related issues, we have a column which provides information about several ailments.
  • Review Corner: An interesting read about various fascinating things in the world, literature, and entertainment.
  • Additional Sections: For the pure sake of entertainment, we do have columns like SmylZone, Words of Wisdom and Horoscope.


SeaAndJob Magazine is an efficient advertising space for shipping companies to increase awareness and interest about marine jobs and also to promote their organization by publicizing internal activities like seminars, sports events and parties along with few unique endeavours like Know Your Recruiter section. The adverts of companies receive maximum exposure through our printed as well as the E- magazine, achieving endless benefits for all kinds of shipping companies.

  • We offer a variation in the size and colour of the adverts in the magazine;
  • Full Page; Half Page; Quarter Page; and a Shore Job Section
  • Colour Page and Black & White Page
  • Front and Back Cover provides maximum visibility
  • Tailored adverts by a dedicated designing team to personally assist the companies in their demands;
  • Direct communication by our team to ensure all the amendments of the Company’s advert are met;
  • A specially designed lay out of the adverts during the festivities;
  • Assured displaying of the adverts according to the agreed schedule;
  • Taking advantage of the “word of mouth” publicity when registered, seafarers share their experience with others;
  • A consistent increase in the exposure and prospered readership is the proof that our magazine has been well received by the seafarers;
  • We have further enhanced the reach by providing free pdf link of our e-magazine to all the registered candidates with;
  • Seminars, promotional or otherwise events and parties are covered by us (at a nominal cost);
  • Magazine as an opportunity to highlight special benefits provided by the companies to seafarers;
  • Increase in the branch traffic as we specify your company’s contact details in the advert and we also cover the events about the opening of a new office or branch;
  • Companies can get Maximum recognition which leads to desired results;
  • As a reputable magazine, the company adverts are viewed not as ads but as recommendations from a trusted source like us;
  • The visual quality of our magazine tends to be excellent as they are printed on high-quality paper which provides best representation of your company.


  • Our e-magazine, now sent free of cost as a pdf link, has the ability to reach seafarers while they are sailing beyond regional boundaries;
  • Our e-magazine remains available in the archives section (last two issues) in order to provide flexibility to the people who missed out on any edition;
  • The archives facility has been made available on the special request of the seafarers;
  • The biggest benefit of our digital magazine is that it can be indexed easily by leading search engines, giving yet another way to entice seafarers.