• What inspired you to start this firm? 

  “ Sea Line Group as the medium for the smooth selection of seafarers”

As seafarers we faced several difficulties in finding the placement because then we personally had to visit companies and the people residing in different cities had to travel. That inspired me to create a medium for a smooth selection of seafarers by each company. I thought that the seafarers deserve to receive the benefit of digitalization without any cost. Now the seafarers have maximum exposure to the outstanding companies.

  • Where is your company today versus where it was when you began it? 

“ Go slow like a turtle, you don’t have to be a rabbit”

If history is a prologue, then the conception of the Sea Line Group was itself based on the bright vision of knowing the pulse of the industry and to grow using that pulse. I began with five companies and fulfilling their requirements was my first priority. My aim is to satisfy every company that is associated with Sea Line Group and in any relation, satisfaction provides a strong foundation, hence development. It is evident where Sea Line Group is now with its multiple ventures developed in 16 years with quality service. I would like to add that we have also been ethical as we don’t provide advertisement to the companies without RPSL.


  • What challenges have you faced so far? 

“Everyday is a challenge” 

Challenges motivate us and give us an opportunity to survive and grow which is noticeable to the competitors and the fraternity as a whole. Personally, the 2008 recession and the COVID pandemic have been the star challenges which has helped Seajob to prove its vision to grow constantly. I’m grateful to the shipping sector for the support and trust that it has shown in me. Improvement and commitment in the times of adversity is the core of Sea Line Group.

  • What are your priorities as a CEO? 

My first priority has always been the seafarers. I believe that they toil enough at the sea while on duty so they deserve the ease of job searching after such a difficult time. To ensure that they spend time with their family when offshore is our duty. Fulfilling the demands, understanding the requirements and respecting all are few values Sea Line Group lives by.

  • What is so unique about Sea Line Group? 

“Like world trade, seafarers are the reason behind our success”

We are service providers so the satisfaction of our clients matters the most to us. As the seafarers are the carriers of 94% of the world’s essential goods, I would like to give them credit for 94 % of success of Sea Line Group as well and the other 6% goes to Seajob team.

  • How do you personally define business success?

“Our success is the long term association we have with the best companies” 

The service that meets the expectations of the client is the meaning of success for us. Our long-lasting association with the best companies since our inception is the proof of our success.

  • What are your future plans for your company? Is there any new venture coming up? 

“ The success of my ventures is my hope” 

Yes, I will keep coming up with new ventures after I make sure that every existing venture has been given ample amount of time and attention to grow before we start a new one. This growth to me is an area of new hope. And eventually that new hope takes the shape of a new venture.

So stay tuned to witness an exciting journey ahead!!

-Mr. Roni Abraham,

Founder/ MD,