The Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) and the Baltic Exchange Asia have agreed to deepen their collaboration on cross-promotion of events for the maritime and shipping industry.

As part of the maritime ecosystem in Singapore, both SCMA and Baltic Exchange Asia share similar goals in promoting and furthering their causes in the maritime and shipping industry.

Both organisations have agreed to cross-promote each other’s events and offer preferential registration rates to each other’s members. In addition, there will be cross-representation – SCMA will be a corporate member of Baltic Exchange Asia and vice versa.

The collaboration also envisages facilitation of joint events and knowledge sharing, which has already started with presentations last month by both organisations at an event with the International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law.

“It is a great pleasure to formalise this collaboration with Baltic Exchange Asia. There are many areas where the SCMA and the Baltic Exchange Asia would complement each other and through such greater collaboration, members of the maritime and shipping community stand to benefit,” commented Justice Chao Hick Tin, Chairman of SCMA.

Source: Seatrade Maritime