Samsung Heavy Industries Co., South Korea’s second-largest shipbuilder, showcased new eco-friendly ships and digital vessel technology for net zero in Europe to expand its presence in the region’s carbon-neutral ship market.

Samsung held a technology seminar on Wednesday in Athens to unveil new vessels such as a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker and a Liquefied Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) carrier, as well as digital ship technology based on artificial intelligence.

“The Athens roadshow allowed us to confirm customers’ interest and expectations for Samsung Heavy’s eco-friendly vessels and new digital technology,” said Samsung Heavy Chief Technology Officer, Jang HaeKi. “We will continue to develop innovative new products integrated with green and digital technology.”

The LNG carrier is equipped with an air resistance reduction device and a wind propulsion device developed by Samsung. The company also places a wheelhouse at the tanker’s bow while installing a clean fuel system to improve its eco-friendly performance.

The shipbuilder introduced an LCO2 carrier that has an Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS) and the development roadmap for ammonia carriers equipped with fuel cells.

Samsung unveiled a digital vessel operation solution that provides optimal route information based on AI’s deep learning, big data analysis and digital twin technologies, as well as the DT-SLM, which manages vessels’ main equipment and provides predictive preservation functions.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News