Diwali being a festival of lights, announces the significance of family, friends, relatives and people around us, the festival not only brings joy, peace and prosperity but also unites families and friends from all across the world. While lamps and fireworks illuminate every nook and corner of the world, our seafarers continue to work assiduously on board.

During Diwali where nearly everyone  toast to the liveliness and spend time with their loved ones, our mariners are busy conducting cargo operations or are experiencing critical twirls of harsh weather. Being away from the family is a part of their job but one can surely relate to the intensity of pressure and pain, our sailors go through during the festivities. Though there are many great things about sea, but to cope up with the thought of being on board during festivals is quite intense. Our seafarers grind day and night during festivities, to keep world’s economy alive, so that others can celebrate their festivals. No one can fill the void of being away from the family but the commitment, diligence and the mental strength, our seafarers hold, deserves an immense respect and honor.

Whether it be pandemic or normal situation, our seafarers continue to sail uninterruptedly. Where the pandemic has hit the world’s ability to move freight by air, up to 85%, our seafarers continue to toil on ships to ensure the availability of medicines and other essential products all across the world. It is the sacrifice and endurance of our seafarers and their families that we are living a quality life. If it weren’t for  them, the entire globe would be at halt. But mariners being the paramount wire to the world of commerce are often neglected by the world itself.

But as it says, “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”

SEAANDJOB expresses a deep gratitude and appreciation to our seafarers, who keep the show running. We wish our marine warriors a very Happy Diwali!

Keep the Diwali spirit alive!