Japanese research and observation company Kaiyo Engineering has acquired Cougar, an underwater robotic vehicle, from Saab Seaeye for cable burial inspection and other activities in the country’s offshore wind industry.

Kaiyo Engineering plans to deploy the 2,000-metre seated Cougar XTi on a 250-ton mother ship, the Kaiyo Maru.

The vehicle feature six powerful thrusters so it can hold steady in cross currents and operate with precise manoeuvrability whilst fitted with a wide array of equipment.

Kaiyo’s Cougar comes with four Imenco cameras, a Tritech SeaKing sonar, Nortek DVL and station-keeping software, and a five-function heavy-duty manipulator with camera.

Its intelligent iCON behaviour-based ecosystem endows each device with its own microprocessor for individual control and real-time feedback, in a modular future-flexible system that allows for further development and innovation, Saab Seaye describes.

The entire Kaiyo Cougar XTi operational configuration includes a launch and recovery system (LARS), tether management system (TMS) and 20-feet control cabin and workshop.

The latest acquisition adds to Kaiyo’s portfolio of Saab Seaeye robots that include a Leopard and a Falcon.

In addition to its cable inspection role, the Cougar will also be used by Kaiyo Engineering to cover additional Leopard work.

Source: Offshore Energy