A transport workers’ union of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions has decided to support the general strike by the Cargo Truckers Solidarity set to start Thursday.

The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union which comprises rail, taxi, airport and port affiliates announced in a press conference Wednesday that they will actively support the truckers’ walkout and fight together with them.

The group said that all of its members will refuse to step in as substitute transport for cargo during the strike and will sternly respond to employers who force them to do so.

The union said it will continue to seek joint action with the cargo truckers until the government and the ruling party begin working on revisions to laws, including scrapping the sunset clause in the safe trucking freight rates system and expanding the system to apply to more industries.

Unionized truckers are scheduled to launch a general strike on Thursday, claiming that the government has not kept its promise made in June regarding the freight rates system, a scheme aimed at preventing dangerous driving conditions by guaranteeing minimum pay.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News