Tensions escalated in Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh, on Thursday evening after 54 cow carcasses, some with their throats slit and legs severed, were found. Police have detained four individuals and are searching for three more suspects in connection with the incident.

The carcasses were discovered on Wednesday near the Wainganga River, close to Pindarai village, and in the Kakartala forest of the Dhuma area. Villagers who found the bodies alerted the Dhanora and Sunwara police stations. With the villagers’ assistance, police retrieved the carcasses.

Veterinary doctors conducted postmortems before the bodies were buried. Villagers believe the carcasses might have come from nearby villages and floated down the river. They have demanded strict action against those responsible. In response, several organizations staged a protest, prompting visits from the district collector and superintendent of police, who assured the protesters that efforts were being made to apprehend the culprits.