As efforts continue to seek new classes of vessels designed to operate on the future alternative fuels, RINA announced that it will partner with Italy’s Marine Engineering Services (M.E.S.). Together they will work on developing a new concept for chemical tankers that will use alternative fuels.

M.E.S. will design the high-tech gas and chemical tankers with new technologies. RINA will consult sharing insights into the ongoing energy transition and the steps required to meet the IMO’s goals for decarbonization.

“We are honored to cooperate with RINA in this exciting Project,” M.E.S. wrote. “High efficiency and deep optimization will be combined with the latest technologies for alternative fuels, to provide the best solution to the market.”

The partners will focus on the development of three ship designs. As part of the effort, they will explore the different emerging alternative fuels, focusing on LPG, methanol, and ammonia.

Each of the three designs will focus on a 13,000 dwt vessel. A dual-fuel chemical tanker design will be LPG-ready, capable of being retrofit as an LPG-fueled ship in the future. The second vessel will be a chemical tanker fueled by methanol also able to supply bunkering of methanol fuel to other vessels. They will also work on the designs for a dual-fuel chemical tanker designed as Ammonia-ready. This vessel will be capable of being retrofit as an ammonia-fueled ship in the future.

Source: The Maritime Executive