RightShip, the world’s leading maritime due diligence organisation, today announces a new tie-up for its recently launched Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) with port data-sharing platform NxtPort International (NxtPort Int’l), a marketplace for port communities, that originated in the Port of Antwerp, and deploys to 3000+ public and private entities.

NxtPort Int’l’s platform makes it possible for ports, terminals, ship owners and managers to securely access and combine data sources across multiple supply chains – encouraging data-sharing and connections between like-minded organisations. From predicting the weather for a voyage, to avoiding ‘traffic jams’ when coming into a port, NxtPort Int’l offers one-stop-shop access to a range of digital tools.

With the new arrangement with NxtPort Int’l, port communities around the world will be introduced to RightShip’s MEP. It’s the first in a suite of products designed to support ports and terminals to better understand and manage ship-based emissions within set zones around their local geography.

Gurpreet Singh, CCO for RightShip, said: “Nxtport Int’l brings wonderful experience and understanding of the port business, curating products with high impact potential for ports and terminals. We are pleased to see them place their trust in MEP for emissions reduction, by highlighting this product to their customers. We’re confident that we’ll support many new customers to embark on a journey to zero harm in the maritime industry.”

Alexander Dorhout Mees, CCO for NxtPort Int’l, said: “We hope that this partnership with RightShip will not only attract organisations who want to use the Maritime Emissions Portal in its current form, but also lead to new partners coming forward who might be able to offer data and collaborate with MEP.

“We want software vendors offering advanced digital solutions to see this product too – and want to get involved! At NxtPort Int’l we aim to create more transparency across the shipping process, increasing operational efficiency, safety and revenue, as well as protecting the environment and human health. These aims fit perfectly with RightShip’s role as an innovation partner charting a safe, sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime and the ports industry.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News