The UK-based environmental consulting company Ricardo has joined the Waterborne Technology Platform as part of its commitment to maritime decarbonisation.

The platform brings together stakeholders from across the European waterborne transport sector, including shipyards, operators, suppliers, academia, research centers, and maritime associations.

“Ricardo is actively supporting the decarbonisation of the global transport and energy sectors, and we recognise the critical role the waterborne transport plays in reducing the impacts of climate change,” Mike Bell, Group Strategy Director for Ricardo said.

Furthermore, Bell revealed that the company is already working on developing clean propulsion systems for land, sea, and air transport, focusing on zero-carbon fuels, fuel cells, and batteries.

The environmental consultancy firm also emphasized that is a “propitious time” to join the platform because it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Commission (EC) for a co-programmed partnership under the framework of Horizon Europe.

The partnership aims to “provide and demonstrate zero-emission solutions applicable to all main ship types and services before 2030.”

Source: Offshore Energy