Maritime remote monitoring business, Reygar, and carbon reduction and sustainability specialist, Cedar Marine, have partnered to provide an integrated service for monitoring and reducing fuel, energy use and carbon emissions, across vessels and business operations of firms in the marine industry.

In the current climate of rising oil prices and pressures to reduce carbon footprints, fleet operators are increasingly focused on identifying ways to reduce fuel and energy use, as well as to demonstrate their environmental credentials to customers and stakeholders.

The integrated subscription service utilises measured fuel consumption and emissions data from Reygar’s industry leading BareFLEET remote monitoring product, in combination with additional information gathered by Cedar Marine on other aspects of a customer’s operations, for a holistic and encompassing overview of the business-wide carbon emissions profile.

This provides the customer with a comprehensive and accurate picture of their energy and fuel use and emissions based largely on measured data, providing a full and accurate picture of carbon liabilities across operations.

Cedar Marine specialises in assessing the complete energy, fuel and emissions impact of a customer’s entire business operations. The company’s Carbon Management Plan allows the customer to establish benchmarks, continuously assess their performance, and demonstrate improvements over time.

Included in the service, and drawing on the naval architecture experience of its founding team, Cedar Marine provides insight into specific measures a customer can take to reduce their fuel/energy costs and emissions, based on the measured vessel performance data supplied by BareFLEET in line with architectural and operational characteristics for each vessel in the customer’s fleet.

Such an approach marries big data with human experience and insight, offering customers actionable choices with quantified benefits based on solid and directly relevant data, to improve their performance.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director, Reygar commented: “As an industry, we’re all hugely aware of the importance of moving towards more sustainable, and less carbon intensive operations. But we can only make positive changes if we truly understand at a really granular level the emissions and sustainability challenges across our businesses. That’s why we chose to collaborate with Cedar to offer what we think will be a really valuable and innovative service to customers; combining our skills in data gathering and processing, with Cedar’s broad experience of carbon monitoring and naval architecture insight.”

Owen Preece, Managing Director, Cedar Marine commented: “Since vessel fuel burn is the major contributor to maritime emissions, combining accurate BareFLEET fuel, speed and operational data with our understanding of the broader emissions profile from other aspects of customers’ business operations allows us to offer the best possible combination of data and insight to drive real operational evolution and change across our customer base.
Source: Hellenic Shipping News