One day, while I was driving back home, my eyes happened to glance at the moon. At that moment, it occurred to me that the moon is only a reflector of light. So as we look upon the observable universe, all the planets that we perceive take their shine from a single source of light that is the sun. If we were to relate this mechanics of the universe with human life, then we would understand the various humane universes which are close to us. Now, the question arises that are we as an individual, reflectors of light, or are we the source of it?

If we are like planets, absorbing light from the influential people in our life, then we are responsible for our shine. As the more light we absorb from the source, the brighter we appear.

But in this tale of light and darkness, sometimes an eclipse takes shape.  Just like darkness is the absence of light, our potential and efficiency are sometimes shadowed by our lack of passion and enthusiasm. The moment one begins to settle down for less, a downfall is bound to follow.

Settling down and losing your personality is equivalent to losing your shine. As a consequence, people with fierce aspirations in their thoughts and swiftness in their actions tend to replace you. The light that once belonged to you fades away due to your passivity.

Since the amount of light absorbed by an object depends on its surface size, its brightness depends on the same. Your consistency and devotion to work hard is the surface on which your shine depends. The more the surface of your efforts expands, the brighter you glow. As a result, people will get attracted to your brightness like a gravitational pull.

Hence, you have to acknowledge your worth and take responsibility for your shine. Often, we blame other people and circumstances for losing our radiance. The ultimate glory is not only in finding the cause behind losing your shine but also in rectifying the mistakes as a means to regain that shine.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham