What is Reality? Since the beginning of mankind, we all have been searching for the answer to this question. Some might accept the way things are in life, some might disagree and live in their own bubble while others are in dilemma as to what reality really is?

Every day we wake up and see the exact same thing right in front of us, the sky above us, the land below our feet, and the people around us. We trust in our senses and believe in what we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste, but do we ever question whether or not our senses are lying to us or they are being manipulated? Do we ask these questions to ourselves? An individual’s perception is completely their own, the way that one person perceives things may be completely different than the way another individual views things. So, for every individual, the concept of reality might differ. But if every individual has their own reality, then what exactly is reality?

Defining reality to someone in general terms is quite difficult. So, to understand reality in its true form, we need to put aside our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensation and just be present in every moment. Reality is simple, it is what it is, nothing more or less. The state of consciousness without thought, feeling, or sensation is our original state. We, humans, have numerous views but reality is the only truth. We filter reality with our emotions. When we are not able to accept reality, we confine ourselves within four walls. We try to escape it by constructing a happy place in our mind but often forget that these walls exist only in our minds.

We grow, learn, live and eventually die and that is the underlying fact, but then why do we have a very hard time grasping reality? The only reason we cannot grasp reality is that we live in a fantasy world, a place where we are, precisely what we want to be, a place where we feel too much and think very little, a place full of warmth and memories. Well, who doesn’t want to be in that place? However, that is merely an illusion that pulls us away from reality. Living in a world full of possibilities is life, but living in illusion will not only hinder the basic idea of life but also keep one away from experiencing life.

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch

–God Bless you

Mr. Roni Abraham