PSA International has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with consultancy RHT Group of Companies (RHT) to explore digital solutions in environmental, social, and governance to further decarbonisation in ports and supply chains.

The MoU underscores PSA’s interest to partner industry and technology players that can drive progress across the ESG factors facing its business.

“We believe that the ESG aspect of our business is measured by what we can do to make a positive impact,” said Eddy Ng, Head of Group Commercial & Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions, PSA. “This MoU supports PSA’s ongoing commitment towards building a more sustainable port and supply chain ecosystem. In this collaboration, we will draw on our collective expertise to further PSA sustainability initiatives for supply chain partners and users.”

PSA International, which owns port terminals in 26 countries, is a participant in both major container shipping blockchains, Tradelens and GSBN. It is also an indirect minority shareholder in Global eTrade Services (GeTS), which has its Open Trade Blockchain (OTB) for documents.

 “We combine our expertise across sustainability, corporate and digital finance, intellectual property, blockchain and digital asset trading to deliver consultancy and tokenisation services as well as a regulated exchange platform to support PSA’s efforts,” Jayaprakash Jagateesan, Chief Executive Officer of RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings and Executive Director of SDAX, said.

RHT will advise PSA on the workings, considerations and opportunities of digital asset structuring, distribution, tokenisation, trading, investor relations, public relations, intellectual property protection and commercialisation for ESG solutions. In addition, RHT’s team of sustainability consultants will also advise on value creation strategies while digital asset exchange SDAX will advise on the listing of digital assets on its platform. 

The collaboration will be augmented by PSA’s corporate venture capital arm, PSA unboXed, which would add capability to initiatives and projects engaging startups.

The MoU partners will jointly ideate and explore collaboration on potential ESG products and solutions that serve PSA’s identified priorities and have a positive impact on global decarbonisation efforts.

Source: Seatrade Maritime