Are we living in a prison? Are we contained in a container? Are we isolated individuals or are we just socializing? Well, this is what determines a person’s mindset and his ability to cope with ups and downs in his life. Every phase of your life will bring different scenarios, some might be predictable while others can be unforeseeable. You may be the king of the world in your finest hours whereas in another, the only way through the day is to either go with the flow or against it. The resistance may define your approach, but does it point the way forward? However, whatever you choose at that moment will eventually set a course to the next stage of your life.

There is nothing you cannot do, but what you are reluctant to. The attitude differs and so does the perception. Until and unless you don’t understand your strength and have faith in it, others will always beg to differ. We have all heard of the statement ‘ It’s okay to be not okay’ which indicates that it is okay to be vulnerable and scared at times but is it okay to be stuck? Well, as I always say, everything is a matter of perception. Things might seem chaotic and there might be a lot on your plate but the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Even in our darkest minds, there is always something that we are grateful for and it is on us whether to hold the grip or to let it go.

We are easily influenced, either by a person, society or surroundings. We live in a materialistic world, where we are classified not by our deeds but by what we possess. The people around us can impact our behaviour in some way or the other. There are situations where we don’t realize that we have been compromised, so basically being influenced is not the problem here but being wrongly influenced is! Everyone has a talent but does everyone knows what to do with their talent? A spark in the wrong direction can burn the entire forest but the same spark on the righteous path can enlighten the world all-together. But in order to make a decision, one must identify their goal and evaluate accordingly.

Likewise, a negative thought creates a negative outcome and a positive mindset produces a positive one. We are the creators of our own reality. Our actions demarcate our intensions from our words. A true achievement is never determined by monetary possessions but by the recognition on the basis of your deeds. Life is uncertain and it will always be, but that doesn’t mean you need to be too.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham