The US Port of Bellingham aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 86% annually by using renewable energy for its operations.

The port is now receiving 100% carbon-free electricity as part of Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Green Direct program.

What is more, slight electricity cost savings are anticipated for the port as a result of its 18-year commitment to Green Direct.

“Environmental stewardship and strategic cost management are extremely important to the Port of Bellingham and the citizens of Whatcom County,” Rob Fix, Port Executive Director, commented.

“The Green Direct Program provides a cost-effective solution for the port to purchase 100 percent renewable energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions.  This program is well aligned with the port’s commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.”

Under the Green Direct program, Puget Sound Energy utilizes long-term service agreements from local governments and major commercial customers to incentivize the development of local wind and solar projects.

The port’s renewable electricity charge consists of an initial fixed rate which increases two percent annually over the term.  As standard electricity prices are forecast to increase by three percent each year, a slight cost savings is predicted for the port.  

The port is one of 18 new customers joining the Green Direct program which now has a total of 41 customers receiving renewable power generated from local resources, including the Skookumchuck Wind Energy Project.

Source: Offshore Energy