Peace is a mind-body phenomenon that gives us a feel-good factor. It is a carefree feeling which comes from within, resulting in outward happiness. In fact, it is a reflection of every good thing happening to us.

We yearn for this blissful state of mind our whole lives. It’s highly valued by most people, but few possess it. Each person has his/her own way to find inner peace. For some, it could be listening to soothing music, going for a walk, deep breathing or meditating, etc.

The lack of peace in one’s life causes emotional ups and downs, indecisiveness, and wasting time on unnecessary emotions, thoughts, and actions. Many look to fulfill their lives with materials and the abundance of possessions. They remain frustrated by the quest for true happiness and genuine peace of mind. Often, despite being in sound financial condition and in great health, people have no peace of mind, which only shows that peace of mind does not depend on external conditions or on any scientific progress. The solution has to come from within and not through external means.

Peace manifests itself when the incessant inner rant of the mind slows down. When it comes, worries, anxiety, nervousness, fear, stress, mental and emotional restlessness, and impatience disappear. It is a state of inner tranquillity, calmness, and serenity, which brings forth inner poise, happiness, gratitude, and self-control.

But it is something that cannot be achieved by money or accomplishing goals. To attain peace, you have to create an environment around yourself while focusing on something that gives you a feeling of positivity. Peace of mind is an acquired skill, which entails time, effort, and perseverance to develop, just like any other skill.

I believe that a person cannot attain inner peace without acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean to be complacent, it implies changing the things that are within our control, accept the things that are out of our control, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

As with most of the things in life, finding inner peace is an ongoing process. It is common to experience inner peace easily at certain times in our lives than at others, so don’t lose hope and keep striving.

The most profound result of inner peace is the peace it spreads to the outside world. Peace in families, relationship, communities, and nations begins with peace inside each person. Inner peace is contagious and spreads from inside to outside. Only if you find inner peace for yourself, you can share it with others or become a model for others and spread the seeds of peace wherever you go.

On the occasion of World Maritime Day, I wish all the readers a happy and peaceful life!

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham