What is peace? It is said that peace lives within us, our emotions mold our thoughts, and these thoughts create a dilemma. Well, so to comprehend peace, we need to first understand what disrupts the peace. Our thoughts and perceptions concerning what we have and what we don’t establishes a base for our doings. So, we keep driving with our desires and beliefs in order to achieve it. While pursuing the same path, we experience many battles and having won those, some develop a sense of being indestructible whereas, some lose their way and imitate others which is beyond their reach. In due process, we often forget the simple universal fact that ultimately we are mortal beings.

Our ego and attitude towards life may define us in many ways, but exactly, what are we fighting for? We strive endlessly to acquire things, to own them or be better than someone, but for what? Momentary gains? We are blinded by people around us, we get so easily influenced by other’s idea of themselves that we ignore what is within us. We fail to grasp the basic principle of needs and wants. When we are not able to fulfill our desires, we try to kill them, intentionally or unintentionally, they later spill blood and with every drop, we give rise to a bundle of clichés and disappointments. War, whether internally or externally, can never produce a fruitful tree. In order to grow a tree, one must stop digging the seeds every now and then to see if it has grown. Just be patient and keep watering it!

We are only blind to the things we don’t want to see, we keep agonizing on the things we cannot grasp. We don’t have to worry, what has to be, will always find its way. But in reality, the only thing we have in our hands is now and if we know how to handle this moment, we will surely know how to handle eternity. We can never judge a book by just looking at its cover, in order to understand the book entirely, we must read it. Likewise, to understand life, we must live it. Life throws us on a path that might seems to be a real challenge, but only when we turn around, we know they are opportunities.

We come empty-handed and go empty-handed, and in between all we experience, is life! Every individual has a different path destined for them, so instead of comparing we must take what comes across our way. Although our journey is different, all that we have in common is the destination. So, there is no certainty in life or death, so why kill ourselves worrying about what lies ahead.

“Every human being is capable of living absolutely blissfully within himself. They have denied themselves this because they never looked at themselves.” – Sadguru

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham