With the shift to issuing of seafarers’ certificates and documentation in electronic format, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has issued some 123,676 electronic certificates.

Certificates issued online cover – transitional certificates (CT’s), certificate of course endorsements, proficiency certificates and endorsements of proficiency certificates.

The AMP said, in a statement, that the electronic procedure could generate annual savings to the State of approximately $105,400. Similarly, some certificates and documentation continue to be issued in the printed version on security paper.

This new method of issuing certificates online has had a good acceptance, since in addition to facilitating the process and reducing the response time to the client. The documents have a unique tracking number as well as a quick verification code (QR Code) that will allow both seafarers and inspectors streamline the processes of obtaining and validating the document.

In addition to the advantages at an economic, operational and sustainability level, the adoption of this new technology is part of a strategy focused on a paper-less culture in order to benefit the environment by reducing the impact of the use of paper.

Source: Seatrade Maritime