Due to operational delays, it has been confirmed that OLGA MAERSK 247N will omit Port Chalmers for schedule recovery purposes and to avoid a further slide on the OC1 service.

  • Port Chalmers import cargo will be updated to load SPIRIT OF AUCKLAND 248N.
  • Port Chalmers export / transhipment cargo may advance to MAERSK WILLEMSTADT 246N if feasible, otherwise cargo will update to load SPIRIT OF AUCKLAND 248N.

We are working with the respective ports to update our revised schedule and cut off’s, which will be published on their respective websites as usual.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any questions please contact our Customer Experience Team via our Live Chat channel.

We thank you in advance for trusting Maersk as your supply chain partner.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News