Navis and DNV have announced a new joint solution to minimise the risk of container incidents at sea.

The new solution combines DNV Anti-Roll Assist and Navis Lashing Monitor.

“Container losses are rare, but the impact of those losses can be very significant – both in financial and reputational terms,” said Arne Schulz-Heimbeck, Senior Principal Engineer and Programme Development Manager for Containerships at DNV Maritime.

“DNV Anti-Roll Assist deployed together with Navis Lashing Monitor gives captains and crews a clear and simple picture of the risk of container loss based on their heading and speed and supports them in assessing if they need to make navigational adjustments.

“We are very pleased to work with Navis to give ship operators and vessel crews this powerful toolset that helps avoid potentially critical situations.”

By integrating the Anti-Roll Assist seakeeping calculations into the Navis Lashing Monitor tool, which monitors real-time vessel motion data and lashing forces, ship operators and vessel crews will view design values alongside actual cargo and cargo securing data.

“Crews are balancing maximum loading capacity, time pressure and profitability, while having to deliver optimum vessel-safe seakeeping behaviour in ever-changing weather situations,” added Carlos Barbera, VP Product at Navis.

“Providing additional essential information and operational guidance to ship operators and vessel crews so they can make informed decisions and prioritise safety at sea is a responsibility we take very seriously and are privileged to partner with DNV to deliver it.”

DNV’s anti-roll software and services are supported by a new DNV class notation, ARCS (Anti-Roll for Containerships). The ARCS notation enables shipowners to demonstrate their container loss minimisation strategy.

Owners can meet the requirements of the ARCS class notation by implementing a software solution – such as Navis’ Lashing Monitor – which meets the functional, technical and performance requirements, particularly a stringent hydrodynamic approach to calculating the risk.

MSC signed a deal earlier this week to use DNV’s ARCS technology.