New Delhi: A prime suspect in the Burger King shooting case in Rajouri Garden, Delhi, narrowly evaded Delhi Police’s grasp at Katra station in Jammu. Anu, a 24-year-old woman, managed to slip onto the last general category bogey of a Mumbai-bound train, evading police capture.

Authorities suspect that Anu may be headed to Goa or nearby areas to meet with the shooters, Ashish and Vicky, and possibly attempt to flee abroad. Many associates of US-based fugitive Himanshu Bhau have frequented Goa over the past year. Notably, one of Bhau’s key associates, Ajit Kalia, was arrested there on June 6.

Anu, who allegedly lured the victim, Aman Joon, to the Burger King eatery where the shooting occurred, fled to Jammu on the night of the incident, June 18. She stayed at a guest house in Katra the following day, with the guest house owner confirming her use of the hotel Wi-Fi before heading to the station.

CCTV footage from the station captured Anu, dressed in a neon green top, black trousers, and a scarf, briskly making her way across the platform with a trolley bag and backpack.

Anu attempted to board the Bombay Swaraj Express, which was departing from Katra station at 10 a.m. on June 20. Although she reached the train around 10:06 a.m., it was slowly moving, but she successfully boarded it.

Investigators discovered that Anu had created a fake Instagram account under the name Preeti to befriend Joon. She operated at least 15 different accounts under various names on the social media platform.

After the shooting, Anu vacated her paying guest accommodation in Mukherjee Nagar, asking the owner to transfer her security deposit to a friend before heading to the railway station for her escape.

Her family revealed that Anu’s surname is Dhankad, but she is known by her first name. They had filed a habeas corpus writ when she went missing previously, only to discover later that she had joined Bhau’s syndicate.

Meanwhile, authorities have questioned jailed gangsters Naveen Bali and Neeraj Bawana after securing their custody from court. Both gangsters logged in high-security cells of Tihar Jail and were mentioned in an Instagram post by Bhau claiming responsibility for Joon’s murder, was to avenge the killing of Bawana’s cousin Shakti by rivals in 2020. Joon was believed to have tipped off the killers about Shakti’s whereabouts.