Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) brought an additional Drive-Through Container Scanner into operation at MPS Terminal 3 this month. With a total of six Container Scanners installed at the terminal, operational efficiency is guaranteed.

During the handover to the Operations Team, Head of Construction, Mr. Matthieu Ferraro indicated that MPS’ consistency in developing the port and its innovative vision has resulted in this latest acquisition. He explained that this sixth scanner will serve as a backup during routine maintenance and ensure that cargo flows remain uninterrupted.

“Since the start of operations at MPS Terminal 3 there has been steady volume increases. In addition, I would say this is being proactive to have reserve capacity and a good response to the foreseen future” said Mr. Ferraro.

Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement

CEO of MPS, Mr. Mohamed Samara highlighted the potential created by the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) which comes into force in just a couple of months at the start of 2021. “While we advocate to play a pivotal role as a nation, we must also look at the vital investments that will gear up our facilities to present a secure trading platform and enhance our role as a gateway to the economy.” Said Mr. Samara.

The HCVP Scanner is a latest of its kind for the inspection of trucks, containers and other vehicles. It provides Customs Officers with cargo manifest verification against the captured X-Ray images, reducing the need for manual inspections. It can also detect drugs, explosives and weapons.

Its accelerators penetrate steel from 230mm (9in) to 300mm (11.8in) while providing a high throughput. It has a small carbon footprint with the ability to allow a throughput of 100 to 120 vehicles per hour.

Sophisticated Software

The CEO of MPS emphasized the sophisticated software developed for the Container Scanners that will be used by the Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority and the respective Government Agencies for enhancing Border Security and Safeguarding State Revenue while providing the highest operational standards to the port users. “This cutting-edge machinery is part of the MPS’s long standing vision of creating a digitally advanced port facility integrated with the latest technology. It is also in line with the Vice President’s ease-of-doing-business measures that MPS has implemented to enhance Tema Port’s competitiveness and attract more cargo”, the CEO said.

MPS is a joint venture between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, with Bolloré Transport & Logistics and APM Terminals. Over the years, MPS has continued to complement the country’s trade volume growth with investments in equipment and technology to boost Tema Port’s handling capacity. MPS is the region’s most efficient Container Terminal, it provides the shipping lines with the highest productivity levels (discharge/load) with real-time electronic data interchange using a leading Terminal Operating System.

Source: Hellenic Shipping