Money has always been an integral part of our lives, be it purchasing things for oneself or helping others, somewhere or the other, money is linked to everything we do. But does money define us? And if not, then why does everything in life revolve around money? Opportunities may bring money and may require sacrifice or additional work, but grabbing it or letting it pass is the only question that one needs to understand and answer. 

With opportunities come problems, and the problems one faces can either defeat him or help him to be a better person. We, humans, live in the fear of securing the future, and unknowingly, this fear is evolved into anxiety.

We either ignore it or accept it, this fear is a driving force for people to do anything to earn money. People are ready to cheat others and harm themselves for the sake of attaining material or non-material things. The truth and honesty are just words, statements are fake quotes, and attachments are excuses. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if it is the circumstances that lead people or if they are what they are!

Although money is the driving force for many, the bottom line is that no amount of money is sufficient to fulfill our worldly desires. Also, some of our wishes are influenced by people around us. These might include purchasing things one does not need or require merely to impress others or satisfy oneself. 

Oftentimes we neglect or undervalue the things we have which are highly appreciated by others who are unable to possess those things. We build pride in that, but is it a healthy pride? Doesn’t it create pressure to perform, though it can sometimes be a good thing since it motivates achievement? However, is it worth it?

I feel there is a fine line between greed and ambition. To accomplish remarkable things, one needs to be patient and perseverant, regardless of how much cash one has stashed in his truck. The moment one starts to run behind monetary gains is the moment he is diverted from his true aspirations. Clearly, money is a necessity, but the question is how good or bad this money love that is borderline greed can really be?

Every goal in life must be aimed towards, and every goal must be backed up by commitment and faith!

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham