Everybody is blessed with a brain but some people are better than others because they have molded themselves and their brains to be more productive. When I was a kid, my father used to come home after working for long hours, stressed with his whole day’s work. After watching T.V for some time, he used to have his food and then retire for the day to get his precious sleep. After I joined the shipping industry, I understood the hard work and stress a person takes, which affects their mind and body making it want a peaceful loneliness, a nap to give rest to both mind and body. Relaxing at regular intervals supports your body in fighting the negative consequences of stress.

Our body is designed in a way that without proper rest and sleep it can’t function to the best of its ability as mind and body both have limitations. The job profile of a Seafarer is different from that of someone ashore. The concept of weekday and weekend cease to exist when you’re onboard and seafarers often have to go on working for long hours. An exhausted mind and body become less proficient in keeping up with the demands of the day. It becomes hard to make sound decisions, stay focused on tasks, and remain composed. It can also become challenging to regulate our emotions. Over time, mental exhaustion can result in full-blown burnout, body breakdown, and stress-related illness.

It is imperative that one should take rest and break from work. Learn to give yourself “me time.” One must know that taking time to yourself for rejuvenation and relaxation is just as essential as giving time to other activities. At a minimum, take short breaks during your busy day. You can purposely schedule time in your day planner just for yourself so that you can recharge for all the other things you need to do.

Stress can tax the immune system and cause us to become ill more easily. If we take good care of ourselves, to begin with, we will be better prepared to manage stress and accomplish our tasks in the long run. In emergency situations, we work continuously and a small fault can stretch our shift for hours. However, resting for few hours can make your body and mind figure out where the fault lies and rectify it at the earliest. You can do this even on your busiest days by making sure you take a regular lunch break or set aside 15 minutes with nothing planned to take a walk or at least a deep breath.

God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham