International leading catering management provider MCTC is demonstrating its commitment to keeping crews fit and healthy by running its own fitness challenge for crews to compete in.

As well as providing full catering management and training, MCTC is also dedicated to offering wellbeing support to crews with various initiatives.

This summer it is launching a fitness challenge to encourage seafarers to take part in daily exercise. MCTC took part in this initiative by following the fitness challenge programme provided by the trainers. They are now challenging crew members to do the same in a bid to keep them active, boost morale and promote a positive mindset.

Nutritionist and dietician at MCTC Nichole Stylianou said: “Exercise plays an important part in physical and mental health. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients through the body tissue and boosts the cardiovascular system to work efficiently.

MCTC staff have been taking part in the fitness challenge

“Through exercise, heart and lung health improve and the body has more energy to deal with tough daily schedules. Seafarers work very long hours in sometimes extreme conditions, so they may not feel like doing workouts on top of their long working days, but we are hoping this fitness challenge will motivate crew members to take part, and they will then see the difference to both their physical and mental health.”

MCTC together with the instructors have taken part in the challenge and have set the record for the ‘final challenge’ at 11minutes 42 seconds. They are now challenging crews to beat their score.

CEO of MCTC, Christian Ioannou said: “The fitness challenge is a fun initiative to encourage seafarers to get involved in the exercise. We are dedicated to improving the health of seafarers through providing healthy meals onboard, offering health and nutrition advice and support with access to our nutritional experts, as well as promoting exercise and wellbeing support.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News