MCTC has introduced its vast range of catering services to TORM crew members including its full catering management programme, which is delivered with a complimentary training package to enhance the skillset of crew members.

The company’s full Catering Competence Development Programme will be delivered to crews, alongside full management of all the vessels’ catering needs, including budget management, recipe planning and ordering of provisions. Crew members will also have access to expert advice on health and nutrition, fitness, wellbeing and mental health.

TORM’s priority was to implement a high level of training standards to its cooks and ensure they were all being armed with the right skills to be able to run their kitchens efficiently, plan nutritious menus, budget plan, order provisions, and cook healthy and balanced meals for crew members.

Vice President, Head of Procurement, Purchase and Logistics at TORM, Tony Giner, said: “We have been in talks with MCTC for the last few years, but having worked with other providers we decided to make the switch to MCTC about six months ago. We officially launched around a month ago with our crew members and I have to say we are extremely happy to have found such a fantastic partner in MCTC.

Christian Ioannou, CEO of MCTC

“Bearing in mind the supply chain challenges we are all facing at the moment and the fact that TORM has recently completely revolutionised its own supply chain, this really was the perfect storm for failure, but with MCTC’s complete professionalism they have executed this transition flawlessly.”

TORM crew members working in the galley will now a receive a standardised approach to their training, where they will have their current skillset assessed and an individual training plan will be created for them.

Catering Manager at TORM, Jogvan Trondesen Andreasen, added: “The move to MCTC’s services has been really welcomed by our crew members. They can see that we have invested in their training and they are all very positive as they can see how their careers can progress and develop.”

MCTC will deliver its services to galley crews on all 75 of TORM’S vessels who cater for around 3,500 seafarers working on the vessels.

CEO of MCTC, Christian Ioannou said: “We are delighted to partner with TORM who share our desire to provide cooks with the very best training to give them the skillset needed to run their kitchens effectively and provide healthy and nutritious meals to all seafarers onboard. Mealtimes are so important for crew members and is the glue that connects them all at the end of a hardworking day.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News