The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) has appointed Eldib Pandi as its local partner in Egypt.

As a local partner to MACN Eldib Pandi will support members calling Egyptian ports, terminals, and transiting the Suez Canal.

It follows a tried and tested model by MACN in Nigeria, Argentina, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

MACN CEO, Cecilia Müller Torbrand said, “MACN has been working in Egypt for a number of years. While we have seen good results from these efforts, there are still incidents where crew and companies need prompt support. The primary objective of this partnership is to work towards making it easier for the Master to reject and say No to corruption when calling Egyptian ports and during canal transits.”

Home to the Suez Canal connecting East and West Egypt is often mentioned by industry executives in relation to petty corruption.

Eldib Pandi welcomed the expansion of MACN’s work in Egypt, and commented: “MACN does very important work. Corruption-free shipping means greater economic growth and better trade conditions for our local communities. Things everyone should be in favor of.

“At Eldib Pandi, we have built an experienced team that understands the full range of issues facing crew, ships, and companies as they work in Egypt. We look forward to working with MACN members.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime News