NCP MLA Dilip Mohite Patil’s nephew, Mayur Mohite, has been arrested near Pune following a tragic incident where his SUV collided with a two-wheeler, resulting in the death of the motorcyclist, Om Bhalerao. The incident occurred on a narrow road near Pune, with Om Bhalerao’s route to Kalamb from a salon in Eklahare.

According to Inspector Arun Phuge of Manchar police station, the accident site was at a turning point along the road.

According to a witness to the accident, the SUV involved was trailing a pick-up van before accelerating and attempting to overtake it just before a turn. This caused the SUV to collide with a motorcycle, resulting in the tragic death of the rider, Om. Shockingly, the SUV driver did not help the victim but fled the scene.

Om, a farmer who also ran an eatery on the Pune-Nashik highway, leaves behind grieving parents and a sister. His mother, a former deputy sarpanch of Kalamb village, is devastated by the loss, as shared by his relative Nitin Bhalerao.

Pune Rural SP Pankaj Deshmukh confirmed that the SUV was driving on the wrong side of the road, attributing the responsibility for the accident to the SUV driver. Deshmukh mentioned that a medical examination of the SUV driver was conducted, including two blood samples for alcohol testing. The entire process was documented through video recording, with pending test reports to determine if the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

In response to the incident, Dilip Mohite Patil, the uncle of the SUV driver Mayur, stated that he immediately instructed his nephew to report to the police station after the accident. Mayur complied by calling for an ambulance and reaching the police station within 10 minutes. Patil clarified that Mayur was not intoxicated during the accident and expressed willingness to abide by the police investigation without interference.