With the Suez Canal reopening following the successful re-floating of the Ever Given Maersk has turned around two vessels it had headed to the Cape of Good Hope to avoid transiting the canal.

With it unclear how long the Ever Given would remain blocking the Suez Canal, last weekend Maersk and other container lines, began to reroute voyages between Asia and Europe via the much longer Cape of Good Hope.

Maersk said in customer advisory it had decided to turn around two of its redirected vessels – Madison Maersk and Merete Maersk, both bound from Tangier to Southeast Asia –  to continue their original route via the Suez Canal. Maersk had originally announced it was rerouting some 14 vessels via the Cape of Good Hope as traffic built up at both sides of the key waterway.

Meanwhile Hapag-Lloyd said it would not be rerouting any more vessels via the Cape of Good Hope, its partners in THE Alliance have rerouted six ships via the longer transit.

Source: Seatrade Maritime